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Duel Pokémon Duel Version 3.0.5 (iOS and Android) now available

Discussion in 'Pokémon Mobile Games' started by Christmas May, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Christmas May Demon Buster Trainee Staff Member Admin Pokémon Trainer Wiki Contributor

    May 14, 2014
    Generation Started:
    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    A new update for Pokémon Duel on iOS and Android (version 3.0.5) is now available.
    Contents of the Update:
    • Bug fixes
    • Added 6 new figures:
      EX figures: Rhyperior and Heatran
      Rare figures: Liepard
      UC figures: Cottonee, Noctowl and Rhydon
    • Added 2 new plates:
      [R] Long Barriel: choose one of your Rhyperior on the field or bench. Until the end of the duel, the effect of that Rhyperior 's Rock Wrecker becomes "Knock out one of your opponent's Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, or Bug-type Pokémon that is 2 or 3 steps away". Your turn ends.
      [R] Dark Energy: During this duel, if the opponent Pokémon is a Psychic type, your Dark-type Pokémon are not knocked out in battle, but are moved to the bench and gain Wait instead. And when you have two or more Dark-type Pokémon on the field, Energy effects on your opponent's Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokémon are nullified. Your turn ends.
    • Balance Adjustment for the following Pokémon:
      [EX] Delphox
      - Added the ability "Magic Trick" Ability
      - The name of its Hyperspace Hole Attack has been changed to Flame Kinesis (but there are no changes to the effects of the attack)
      [EX] Torterra
      - Changed Earthwuake damage, increased from 90 to 120
      [EX] Groudon
      - Changed Slash 50 to Break Energy 70 and increased its Wheel Piece Size
      - Decreased the wheel piece size of Miss
    Source: App Store - Google Play

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